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Status of the works:

The construction site is working on concreting the floor slab in axes 5-9 / V-D at +22.480, installation of translucent enclosing structures in axes 2a-4a / SR at +4.480 .. + 18.880, installation of construction cradles in axes 4a-8a / C-R at the mark +22.480 and dismantling of columns in axes 3-4 / B-B at the mark + 18.880… + 29.570. Columns are mounted on the +4.480 mark. The eruption of window openings at +18,880 continues. The site for unloading materials is also being prepared.


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Andreevskaya Street will be reconstructed before the end of the year



What are your favorite walking routes in Kiev? The most popular places, of course, are Khreshchatyk, Independence Square and the streets of Podil. In particular, Sagaidachnogo street, which for a long time won the title of pedestrian. It's time for changes on Andreevskaya Street - here, instead of the old asphalt, the city authorities will lay granite paving stones. The plot, which will be paved with a new surface, occupies about 2000 m². Also, on Andreevskaya Street, 200 meters of the water supply network, 400 meters of the heating main, 100 meters of the sewer collector will be replaced and pedestrian paths will be laid.

The complex of works is planned to be completed by the end of this year. And this is great news for those who have already buyed or are thinking about buying an apartment in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space. We can already imagine how our resident leaves the house and, walking along the new paving stones, goes to the Dnieper, to meditate on the river bank, or to his favorite institution in Podil. Whatever a resident of ANDRIYIVSKY City Space chooses, it will be the best choice.

We are already waiting for the moment when our residents will walk along the renovated Andreevskaya Street.

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