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Status of the works:

The construction site is working on concreting the floor slab in axes 5-9 / V-D at +22.480, installation of translucent enclosing structures in axes 2a-4a / SR at +4.480 .. + 18.880, installation of construction cradles in axes 4a-8a / C-R at the mark +22.480 and dismantling of columns in axes 3-4 / B-B at the mark + 18.880… + 29.570. Columns are mounted on the +4.480 mark. The eruption of window openings at +18,880 continues. The site for unloading materials is also being prepared.


III quarter of 2023




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Apartments for sale in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space are open!



Let me introduce - ANDRIYIVSKY City Space! New club format house, located in the central part of Kyiv and the historical Podil. Today we open the sale of apartments and invite you to join the circle of residents with the same aesthetic preferences and ideas about modern architecture.

The main goal of the architects was to organically fit the house into the context of the historic district and at the same time avoid imitations of antiquity and architectural stylizations. According to the chief architect of the project Oleksiy Pakhomov, ANDRIYIVSKY City Space is a special building, as its architecture is not focused on a specific style and is not limited by time. Despite trends and fashion trends, it will remain the benchmark of Kyiv.

Gabbro, a rock of Ukrainian origin, was chosen to decorate the facade. We will polish some of the stone blocks and leave some with an untreated texture. This technique will give the house texture and expressiveness. Railings, profiles and fittings on the facade will be made of steel anodized under green, slightly patinated brass.


ANDRIYIVSKY City Space will embody a mixed-used concept and combine apartments, offices and commercial premises. On 9 floors of the house there will be 16 apartments ranging from 101 m2 to 207 m2. All planning is free. We do not build partitions in the rooms so that the residents have more free space and more opportunities for its organization.All windows overlook a quiet courtyard with a garden. Located on the upper floors, the apartments have access to terraces.

All windows overlook a quiet courtyard with a garden. Located on the upper floors, the apartments have access to terraces.


At ANDRIYIVSKY City Space we take care of the privacy of our residents, so the courtyard will be closed to outsiders. Also for residents of the house provided a separate entrance so that they do not intersect with office workers.

An underground parking lot for 68 cars is designed for car storage. Charging stations are provided for owners of electric cars.

House address: st. Naberezhno-Khreschatytska, 9. From here 5 minutes walk to the Dnieper embankment and about 10 minutes to one of the favorite promenades of Kiev and guests of the city - Sagaidachnoho Street. AndRIYIVSKY City Space is close to shops and restaurants, so residents of ANDRIYIVSKY City Space will have plenty of gastronomic places nearby. But the main one will be a panoramic restaurant located on the top floor of the house, which will offer a view of the historic city center and the Dnieper.


ANDRIYIVSKY City Space is surrounded by many landmarks and architectural monuments for Kyiv: St. Andrew’s, Pokrovskaya Podilska, St. Elijah’s Church, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Podil Theater, Bulgakov Museum on Andriyivsky Descent.

Near the house there are two metro stations - Post Square and Kontraktova Square. There is a funicular from the Post Square, so if you don't have time to walk, you can go up to the center in a few minutes.

Would you like to live in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space? The house is already open for sale apartments. Visit our sales department to find out the terms of purchase and to plan. Address: st. Antonovycha, 44. Also call the number listed on the site.

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