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Status of the works:

The construction site is working on concreting the floor slab in axes 5-9 / V-D at +22.480, installation of translucent enclosing structures in axes 2a-4a / SR at +4.480 .. + 18.880, installation of construction cradles in axes 4a-8a / C-R at the mark +22.480 and dismantling of columns in axes 3-4 / B-B at the mark + 18.880… + 29.570. Columns are mounted on the +4.480 mark. The eruption of window openings at +18,880 continues. The site for unloading materials is also being prepared.


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Own gastronomic location in the house. What restaurant will be in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space



ANDRIYIVSKY City Space address: Andreevskaya street, 22. From here, 5 minutes walk to the Dnieper embankment and about 10 minutes to one of the favorite promenades of citizens and guests of the capital - Sagaidachnogo street. Nearby there are shops and cafes of famous restaurateurs in the city, thanks to which the residents of our house will have enough gastronomic places nearby. But the main one will be in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space.

We offer the residents of ANDRIYIVSKY City Space the best restaurant of all the cocktail and gastronomic Podil establishments and design it on the 9th floor of our house. Given this location, of course, we chose panoramic windows for the restaurant. Otherwise how will guests be able to enjoy the view of the Podil and the Dnieper?

The area of ​​the restaurant is 350 sq. m, capacity - 80 people. And that's just inside. The main feature of the establishment will be a terrace of 489 sq. m and 100 seats.

You will definitely want to dance here mentally or in fact. Just imagine how, after a long day with a million important decisions, you sit down at your favorite table. The warm wind from the Dnieper tickles your face and you understand that today there is no need to decide anything and there is nowhere to run. You have made the best choice. You are at home.

Do you already imagine yourself in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space? Visit our sales department to find out more about the apartments and the features of our project. Our address: st. Antonovich, 44.

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