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Installation of columns on a mark +18,880 is carried out. At the mark of +11,680 in the G-E / 1 axes, window openings are dismantled. In the axes V-G / 11-13 at the mark +11.680 ... + 22.480 the arrangement of doorways is performed. There is a rise of fittings on the floor. Preparation for the installation of parking fences. Installation of horizontal formwork PP in axes 1a-2a / U-P at the mark +22.480. Preparations are underway for the installation of a parking fence. Installation of horizontal formwork PP in the axes 1a-2a / U-P at +22.480.






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Without frames: what is the peculiarity of free layouts in ANDRIYIVSKY City Space



You meet ANDRIYIVSKY City Space at first. Enter the house, go through the lobby and go up to the floor to see your future apartments. What will you feel when you see this space and light? It will be an unforgettable feeling - a feeling of freedom. And also love at first sight.

In ANDRIYIVSKY City Space, we do not build interior walls, so all 16 apartments have free layouts. Our residents will not be limited by walls, frames and stereotypes that internal partitions are mandatory for zoning a space.

Free layouts have many advantages, and the main one is freedom of choice. After buying an apartment, the future resident will decide himself to leave them in this form or still divide the space with the help of brick walls. In the case of the latter option, he will not have to demolish the newly erected partitions and build new ones.

In a free layout, you can connect the kitchen with the living room, allocate as much space as you want for the bedroom, equip an area for work, a library, a lounge, a home theater, etc. An apartment of this configuration can have as many rooms as the owner wants.

In an apartment without partitions, there is always a lot of natural light. ANDRIYIVSKY City Space has exactly that. All windows in the house are from floor to ceiling, so that nothing interferes with enjoying the beauty of Podol.

Another plus of the absence of internal walls is that the design can be universal for all zones, that is, combined with each other in colors, decor, textures.

In ANDRIYIVSKY City Space, you only choose the area. We offer you to get acquainted with the parameters of the apartments on the website. Sales department address: st. Antonovich, 44.

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